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Perpignan, France

Fluidra inaugurates an emblematic, innovative fountain in Perpignan (France)

Perpignan (France) and its citizens will now have a new iconic destination. The Spanish multinational Fluidra, through its French subsidiary Astral Piscine and in collaboration with the City Council of this French city, has installed a unique fountain in the center of the city opposite the Palacio de Congresos. It uses state-of-the-art technology and allows the intensity of light and colors, the music, the speed and the pressure of the water jets to be fully programmed. The City Council financed the space and building work, while Fluidra carried out the project. The fountain was inaugurated on July 11 by the mayor of the city, Jean Paul Alduy, and by the president of Fluidra, Joan Planes, in front of numerous political and other personalities. This innovative fountain is the result of many years of research. For Fluidra it is the start of a new line of business that will be developed in the future both in the French market and in the other markets where the group operates. The multinational company believes that France is a leading market, in which it has been present since 1974. In addition, Perpignan is the headquarters of Astral Piscine in the country and this project reflects the group's commitment to the city.

Description of Fluidra's scope

This new evolutionary fountain measures 30 meters in diameter and is divided into two asymmetric semi-circles of 470 m2 in total. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it allows the generation of more than one million color combinations and is adaptable to any music or sound sequence. The jet can reach 20 meters in height and its speed and pressure are also fully adjustable. In addition to its ability to perform shows, this fountain uses all the most modern management technologies: water recycling (since it uses rainwater and recovers water from the jets thanks to a double overflow channel), automatic glass cleaning, management of the effects caused by the wind, an entire assembly managed by a computer system that allows the fountain to be operated by remote control.217 steel flowersThe distinctive symbol of the fountain are the 217 stainless steel flowers of various models that make it up, 69 of which move. There is a total of 10 different jet modes. The use of flowers as a decorative feature makes it possible to respond to Perpignan's requirement that the fountain be flat: it has been designed as a lake, which manages to balance the height of the buildings that surround it. The flowers also have a technical function: their geometry discreetly houses the entire hydraulic and LED lighting assembly, so that they are not submerged in water, thus allowing all their light and power to be enhanced, which is not possible in conventional fountains.