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Zaragoza, Spain

Puerto Venecia is different. It is the largest shopping resort in Spain

The Puerto Venecia Shopping Resort is located in the city of Zaragoza (Spain), in the Parque Venecia district. It owes its name to the Imperial Canal of Aragón that runs through the district, since for years a gondola called “El cisne del Canal” sailed through its waters. The success was such that from then on the people of Zaragoza began to call that area "Little Venice". It is the largest in Spain and one of the largest leisure and shopping centers in Europe, with a surface area of more than 206,000 m² and a plot of 600,000 m². The complex is divided into several areas: the Boulevard, the Gallery, the Plaza and the Lake and Terraces. It has more than 150 shops and 45 restaurants.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Lakes, canals and interactive water features all have their place in the Puerto Venecia Mall (Zaragoza, Spain). One of the biggest attractions is the interactive fountain with pushbuttons for children. In addition to serving as a meeting point inside the mall, it is also a space for fun and entertainment by day, while at night it becomes a breathtaking spectacle of water and light.