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The sight of a rooftop pool typically inspires an array of emotions that blend exclusivity, relaxation and fun.

Located on a building’s top storey, it represents a stylish solution that can enhance any dull space and turn it into an iconic spot, attracting tourists and guests who are captivated by the possibility of a swim with amazing views. And that’s why rooftop pools are a demanded pool solution for all types of hotels, resorts and exclusive real estate properties.

However, a rooftop pool presents several particularities that must be taken into account in terms of design and construction. We take a look at the challenges of building a rooftop pool and the most advanced and efficient solutions available today.

What is a rooftop pool?

Rooftop pools are stylish water solutions located on rooftops or terraces situated on the top of buildings.

Providing prime views of both natural landscapes and cityscapes, they’re known for adding commercial value to a building while making the most of what otherwise might become an unused terrace space.

Because of their unique location, rooftop pools require specific design and construction protocols adjusted to the needs of this type of installation.

Where are rooftop pools typically installed?
  • Hotels and resorts choose rooftop pools to amplify the appeal of certain areas such as rooftop terraces and lounge areas, where these pools can blend in with existing structures and architecture. Synonymous with stunning views and exclusivity, a successful installation can help increase the hotel’s branding and the average room rate through surrounding economic activities.
  • Other real estate complexes might also demand rooftop pools with the aim of increasing a property’s value and attracting new buyers and investors. Stylish, sophisticated pool designs are a clear statement about the type of lifestyle a building can promote.
3 key factors to build a rooftop swimming pool

Rooftop swimming pools involve certain structural and installation requirements. Additionally, architects and contractors must select the right materials and pool shapes to guarantee it’s a safe and efficient system both during construction and once opened to the public.

To avoid issues related to roof structure and leakages in such installations, the architect and contractor will take into account the following three major conditions to successfully build a rooftop swimming pool:

  • Rooftop swimming pools have to be designed in line with a building’s capacity to support such a structure. These installations are solid and contain a large amount of water, two facts that must be taken into account to maintain a balance with the building’s stability and size.
  • Water leakage must be prevented through pool design and choosing the right building materials.

Pool design should incorporate measures to facilitate transport, assembly and maintenance processes. Panel construction systems have gained popularity thanks to their ability to enable these.

Current efficient building options for rooftop pools

While rooftop pools present unique challenges, their potential to increase a building’s appeal and branding continues to make them a preferred choice for many urban hotels (like business & conference). Fortunately, current developments in enhanced materials and processes mean it has never been easier to build a structurally-sound and safe rooftop pool.

The following options are the most efficient solutions available today to build a rooftop pool. They all provide the necessary lightweight structures to resolve the challenges of these installations while rendering a trouble-free and quick construction process because of their panel structure.

1. Skypool panel technology

Rooftop swimming pools often add striking visual appeal and set hotels, sport clubs and wellness centers apart. However, they are technically challenging to install at great heights. Skypool solutions present a lightweight structure, versatility and ease of installation, making it possible to create rooftop pools with astonishing precision, reliability and speed. With its lightweight and resistant panel technology, these pools offer spectacular views and a unique and exclusive atmosphere.

2. Bluespring pools

Bluespring pools are an easy-to-install solution based on prefabricated panels which make them the perfect for rooftop pools, as the system provides a balance between visual appeal and ease of installation.

These pools also provide a wide variety of overflow channels and design options, resulting in pools that adapt to each project’s needs and present a totally unique aesthetic, incrementing the building’s exclusive character.

3. Infinity effect / Zero edge pool

The appeal of rooftop pools with a view can be significantly increased by installing a zero edge pool or infinity effect. This design feature has become a popular trend in the leisure sector, quickly turning into a synonym of exclusivity and well-being that boosts a hotel’s brand image and enhances a rooftop’s view.

Based on sophisticated architectural design and engineering, this type of rooftop pool includes an overflow channel with infinity effect, producing a visual trick that makes the water blend with the horizon and extend into infinity.

Infinity effect pools are also constructed with prefabricated panel models, meaning that they guarantee an easy and efficient installation even in complex environments such as rooftop terraces.

4. EPS Construction system

EPS construction systems provide another satisfactory building option for rooftop pools. These are prefabricated, modular, ecological and recyclable modules made of synthesized expanded polystyrene plastic (EPS).

This choice of material provides a number of extraordinary benefits for pools installed in difficult-to-access spaces such as rooftops

The benefits of rooftop swimming pools

Distinction and differentiation

Rooftop pools provide a building with enhanced visual appeal as well as differentiation from competitors, boosting the brand image of any business and adding value to the property.

This feeling of exclusivity can be pushed one step further by implementing other unique design features, such as LED lighting systems. These help generate pleasant environments and exclusive atmospheres that can also be adapted to different users or occasions, while extending use of such installations at night.

Attract guests

Rooftop pools provide an additional appeal to any commercial building, allowing for remarkable swimming or bathing experiences for customers who are pleased to be presented with photo opportunities with a view and a feeling of uniqueness and exclusivity.

Increase commercial and economic activity

Rooftop pools not only add a new functional area to a building: they generate an increased value for the property, while also justifying a higher access price.

At the same time, and especially when installed on hotel buildings, rooftop pools can generate a complete “ecosystem” around them, as other economic activities typically surround the pool deck, including cocktail bars, lounges, visual or musical shows and massage areas, among others.

Thus, a whole leisure area often springs up around rooftop pools, increasing the average ticket for its guests and users.

Why choose panel construction systems

Quick, cost-effective installation and low maintenance costs

Prefabricated components and an easy assembly system guarantee a quick installation even in construction environments that require sophisticated systems such as a rooftop pool. As complex structures are replaced with easy-to-build models, a high-performance pool can be obtained at a lower cost.

Additionally, maintenance costs are cut as pool components are readily accessible and problems can be pinpointed faster because of the system’s straightforward model.

Durable, precise and reliable

Panel construction systems generate premium-quality pools based on extremely functional and durable pool components which add to the lowered maintenance costs mentioned above. For instance, their metal structures come with a 25-year warranty.

This is partly because these building models generate unsurpassed precision in the manufacture and construction of pools, presenting precise tolerances that are impossible to obtain using traditional construction systems.

All in all, using panel construction systems guarantees a rooftop pool that is completely safe and reliable, ensuring the investment remains profitable in the long term.


Matching current customer sensibilities and legislation, panel construction systems enable the construction of sustainable pools: all components can be recycled, are non-contaminating and are manufactured using processes with a low environmental impact. 


A rooftop pool built using a prefabricated-panel model allows customised pool designs and shapes to be created. This is intensified by the structure’s lightweight properties, which make it an easily adaptable system that adjusts to complex building conditions such as rooftops, small spaces, etc.

A wise investment to boost a building’s possibilities

All in all, a rooftop pool makes an appealing feature for users seeking an exclusive and leisure environment today.

Choosing the right pool solution minimises the particular building and design challenges of these installations, letting pool operators and owners add value to their business and increase socio-economic activity.

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