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These pools are made of prefabricated galvanized steel panels (AISI 304 stainless steel also available) covered with a PVC-P liner and finished with ceramic tiles. Steel panels are subjected to hot dip galvanizing with zinc for excellent corrosion protection. Installation times and costs are reduced thanks to using prefabricated components and a simple assembly system.

With the Skypool system, the pools can be adapted to any existing infrastructure. They are ideal for use as competition pools due to their measurement accuracy, essential for sports competitions.

Additionally, Skypool is an effective construction solution for competition pools, sports facilities, community pools, hotel pools, etc. In just a short period of time, an in-ground or above-ground pool becomes a reality.

When making the decision to build a pool basin with the Skypool system, the multidisciplinary team at Fluidra creates an end-to-end project plan which includes:

  • Project analysis;
  • Preliminary design studies and estimated costs;
  • Manufacturing;
    Construction management;
  • Installation.

With the Skypool system we manufacture pools of all dimensions, including those in accordance with World Aquatics (former FINA) requirements and regulations, where the accuracy of the measurements is of vital importance.

Why choose Skypool?

Building time is significantly reduced thanks to using prefabricated components and an easy assembly system.

Pool components are made with highest-quality and durable materials thanks to new designs and manufacturing processes. Metal structures are guaranteed for 25 years.

skypool 1

Installations are made with top quality components and installed with high safety standards.

Skypool adapts to each project, without limits of shape.

The lightweight, moldable structures allow swimming pools to be put in place in reduced spaces and challenging conditions (including terraces, stadiums etc.).

A final coating of reinforced PVC membrane of great flexibility and resistance ensures the perfect waterproofing of the pool basin.

The easily accessible facility allows problems to be spotted quickly and repairs and maintenance to be carried out easily and at low cost.

The maximum manufacturing and construction precision guarantees accuracy in tolerances, impossible to achieve with traditional systems. Our pools are approved for official competitions according to World Aquatics regulations.

Components are fully recyclable, non-polluting, and manufactured using processes with low environmental impact.

skypool 2

This high-performance pool benefits from a simple structure at low cost.

Skypool panels guarantee high performance thanks to the technology used in their construction, their precision and accuracy, the leveling and dimensional tolerance adjustment systems, as well as the control of settlements and dilations of the different materials.
As a result, Skypool’s modular technology allows it to develop simple and complex shapes. The pool is built with interconnected prefabricated panels which can counteract the mechanical stress from the water. At the same time, buttresses are built in which add stability and regulate the pool assembly with high precision.
Skypool meets seismic regulations thanks to the choice of its seamless panel structure and the use of chemical anchors.

skypool 3

The typical installation is accessed through a technical gallery which enables users to reach the back of the panels for inspection, maintenance and repair. This makes it possible not to drain the pool for a repair, making it easier and more economical to run the installation.

The structural calculations carried out in the design of the Skypool panels guarantee the resistance of the facilities and their compliance with European and local regulations. Moreover, seismic calculations ensure resistance to possible earthquakes.
Skypool complies with seismic building regulations so that your pools can withstand earthquakes of the highest magnitude, thanks to its seamless panels and chemical anchors that are fixed to a previously constructed concrete slab.
Skypool seismic panels are adapted to the seismic regulations of each country. As the liner is independent of the panels, this guarantees water-tightness and safety.

skypool 4

Once the panel solution is assembled – either in its definitive location, or in a temporary one such as sports halls for a swimming competition – , the Skypool solution ensures waterproofing with a reinforced PVC liner of 150/100. This avoids damage to the original pavilion pavement and is a popular system for pool linings due to its flexibility, tear resistance, ease of welding, resistance to dechlorination from UV range, and wide range of colors.
Our solution uses reinforced membranes, which are 100% watertight and 100% recyclable.

skypool 5

Once the glass is built and waterproofed, the next step is to finish the perimeter crown of the pool basin. This is done with porcelain stoneware materials that enhance the design and give beauty to the pool finish.
Due to the quality of its materials, its exclusive designs and its performance in the pool, we opted for ceramic for its aesthetics and quality.

skypool 6    skypool 7

The Renovation panel is the ideal solution for those old pools that need to be remodeled to adapt them to current regulations and give them a new life.
Quick and easy to install, these galvanized steel panels remove the need to demolish the entire pool. You just need to dismantle the crown of the pool and install the overflow channel.
Finishes with or without ceramic are available and have built-in drain outlets. This is the most economical solution to give a new life to the pool.

skypool 8

Once the Skypool renovation panel is installed, the pool may be in need of further work or may not meet the new public pool standards. For example, there must be an overflow channel and no skimmers, which can be updated easily and without a high cost of time or finances.
If the pool basin leaks and is no longer watertight, these panels allow it to be covered with a new liner. This will allow the pool to be used in competitions and leisure activities.

Picking Fluidra’s Skypool solution is a vote for quality. All our products are certified through tests and controls in our own manufacturing process. Moreover, Fluidra has international certifications of quality such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (environmental management).

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