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There are various reasons why swimming pool lights are key for user experience in this type of installations, from the generation of different atmospheres according to the needs of each operator to improving user safety.

In the increasingly competitive leisure industry, generating attractive atmospheres in aquatic installations can make all the difference. Subaquatic and ambient light can become an essential element for user experience, generating aesthetically pleasant and original environments.

At the same time, the generation of attractive atmospheres invites users to extend their visit to the installations, which also turns into potential higher expenses for adjacent business, such as bars and restaurants. Thus, an adequate choice in swimming pool lights adds value for users and increases their loyalty, acting in a similar way to other installations such as themed swimming pools or infinity pools.

Besides, adequate lightning in water installations increases user safety, as it can help avoid accidental slips or falls that result in injury.

Finally, correct swimming pool lighting is crucial for practicing sports: swimmers need adequate lighting to measure distances and locate the pool’s walls and bottom in order to swim, dive or participate in other activities with the rest of users.

Options for swimming pool lights in commercial installations

Many types of businesses that use swimming pools could benefit from updating their lighting systems. These include sectors such as real-estate, touristic, wellness and sport centres.

The options for colours, intensities, contrasts and shadows among swimming pool lights are endless. These allow businesses to generate diverse atmospheres that adjust to the different types of users that might visit their installations.

What are the main technologies for swimming pool lights?

According to different lamp types

Nowadays, there are basically two options: halogen lamps (the most conventional option) and LED lamps.

Today, LED options are the most advisable in terms of environmental impact and energy consumption, while they offer the same power and light quality than traditional systems.

The benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Low consumption with a high efficiency, compared to any other lighting systems.
  • Long lifespan: the luminous flux stays up to a 70% of intensity during 50.000 hours.
  • They generate a well-balanced light and allow the modification of photometric patterns using different lenses.
  • They incorporate the possibility of choosing between different colours and colour temperature.

According to different pool construction materials

The type of aquatic installation must be taken into account when choosing swimming pool lights. For instance, there are specific spotlights for liners and others for concrete swimming pools.

Distribution and frequency of swimming pool lights’ elements

There are several rules and criteria that must be followed in order to install an adequate swimming pool lights system:

  • The number of spotlights for a rectangular swimming pool: it’s advisable to instal one spotlight for every 20 m2 of water surface. However, these numbers depend on the type of spotlight that is installed, so that a preliminary analysis is needed. Besides, this recommendation must be reviewed in case dark or stainless steel lighting points are incorporated.
  • Spotlight height: a maximum depth of 70 cm is recommended, measured from the pool’s edge, in order to create an adequate lighting framework.
  • To achieve a well-balanced lighting, that doesn’t create big contrasts between illuminated and dark areas, it’s advisable to take into account that the more powerful the light beams, the more consistent and well-balanced the light will be.
What are other options for swimming pool lights?

Beyond subaquatic spotlights, there’s a wide variety of quality options for businesses to experiment with swimming pool lights in order to generate comprehensive, coherent atmospheres.

For instance, ambient lights can be incorporated inside or outside the pool or on stairs, improving safety all around.

All in all, commercial swimming pools today are presented with a great number of available options for swimming pool lighting, LED lamps being recommended to generate efficient, sustainable and safe environments for users.

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