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There are many challenges facing public swimming pool operators today. For hotel owners, getting a business plan back on track in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount. For spa or wellness centres, challenges include ensuring a space is safe enough for people to share. These considerations and more require all of the management team’s attention, so they want swimming pool maintenance to be taken care of easily and quickly.

Swimming pool maintenance processes must be completed to the highest standard. This is primarily because the regulatory environment in various countries stipulates that certain ratios of chemicals must be used to ensure safety – not to mention that guests and bathers demand clear, clean water. Thankfully, there are solutions on the market that can ensure that these processes are done as efficiently as possible.

Automate processes with a smart control system

A smart control system can provide exact data on how the levels of different treatments in a pool affect the water quality. Smart systems measure the amount of a particular chemical, pH level or pollutants and warn the maintenance manager. These systems can keep a pool in optimal condition 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all automatically.

As well as controlling water treatment, smart systems can link to a cloud-based mobile and web app via Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This means the management team has the option to control other essentials such as self-cleaning, lighting and any other system involved in swimming pool maintenance.

To give a more detailed example, the filtration system pumps are one of the most important parts of the swimming pool – the “heart” of the installation if you will. Working alongside the filter, water is constantly circulated to clean and refresh the water. A smart control system can regulate how often and at what power it needs to pump, removing the need for constant human monitoring.

Lighting is also extremely important in hotels and wellness centres, as lighting is essential to creating the right ambiance. Lighting can be amended depending on the time of day, the mood of the event, or even the amount of people using the water. All of these processes can be automated, saving time, money and valuable manpower.

Manage maintenance requirements from the outset

All this said, there are measures that hotels and fitness centres can take to reduce swimming pool maintenance before the facility is even open. One such example is using certain materials, which post-installation, will keep maintenance to a minimum. The use of hot-dipped galvanized steel, for instance, is both durable and resistant – both important considerations when looking into building a pool. This material also offers supreme rust protection, in accordance with EN ISO safety standards.

However, every material, whether it be organic or synthetic, is subject to long-term damage if in contact with water. That damage can either come from erosion of the movement of the water itself or through the chemical makeup of that body of water. This is why high quality liner is essential.

Fluidra’s liner ensures that the pool is completely watertight and that no elements of the construction are at any point in contact with the water. This is another way we ensure durability from the very beginning. So how does the Fluidra liner achieve this?

  • Excellent stability and consistency over a large area and a wide range of temperatures.
  • Strong anti-UV protection to ward off the dangers of the sun.
  • Colour treatment specifically designed to avoid colour changes which can damage the lining.
  • Certified anti-fungal treatment.
Swimming pool maintenance is simple with the right design

The swimming pool is the focal point of a hotel or fitness centre. A well-maintained, thoroughly clean and inviting pool is essential to attracting and retaining clientele, and therefore, essential to profit. However, swimming pool maintenance is time and resource intensive.

Businesses need to have the manpower and money in place to carry out proper maintenance. Design strategies and tools such as those described here are essential to keeping on top of these expenses. With a well-designed foundation, lining, and automated systems from Fluidra, swimming pool maintenance is easy – saving money and time, and driving revenue.

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