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Swimming pool renovations give a new lease of life to otherwise outdated installations, optimising their efficiency and appeal to users.

Undertaking swimming pool renovations is often the solution for outdated installations which may no longer meet new regulations and standards. Renovations can also drive improvements in efficiency, which additionally translate into a reduction in operating costs and maintenance needs.

However, it’s common to postpone swimming pool renovations due to a reluctance to embark on long and often complex construction processes. In fact, data from ASOFAP (Asociación Española de Profesionales del Sector de la Piscina) highlights a widespread reticence to undertake swimming pool upgrading projects: 63.1% of pool operators have never renovated or upgraded their installations, and 86.9% have no plans to do so.

Fortunately, recent developments in construction and aquatic technology and installations have meant swimming pool renovations minimise the inconveniences often associated with construction work.

This means there are enormous opportunities for innovation, opening the door to developing modern and efficient installations that stand out and attract the right kind of users by offering a high-value experience and services.

In such a context, the different possibilities for swimming pool renovations offer the chance for operators to gain a competitive advantage. In fact, the right type of swimming pool innovations can represent an optimal investment that quickly pays off in a short period while guaranteeing an installation remains relevant and continues to attract users.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons to embark on swimming pool renovations and the current opportunities for innovation in this field, which reduce construction and operational times and costs while helping operators access improved installations.

1. Main reasons to renovate your pool
  • To comply with pool regulations and federation standards
    Both leisure and competition pools must meet certain standards and regulations, which tend to evolve over time. Swimming pool renovations allow operators to guarantee their compliance.In fact, the ASOFAP report cited above mentions adapting to new pool regulations as the main reason why the majority of pool renovations take place (45.5%), followed by the advanced age of the equipment (36.4%).
  • To provide a high-value and attract users
    Swimming pool renovations allow operators to take their installations a step further and make them stand out while enhancing the pool users’ experience.Additionally, pool updates can also be designed to attract the right kind of users by incorporating certain recreational activities that appeal to particular audiences.For instance, child-oriented facilities (such as sensorial splash parks or even child-friendly spas) can be designed. On the other hand, boosting adults’ experiences might go hand-in-hand with offering innovative options such as flotation therapy areas.
  • Improved efficiency and cost reductions
    Swimming pool renovations help operators improve their facility’s efficiency in terms of energy consumption, which translates into important cost reductions and a competitive edge.At Fluidra, we’ve detected several cases where updating swimming pool equipment has led to major savings. This is the case with our project to update the Municipal Heated Swimming Pool (25 m x 12.5 m) of a provincial capital in central Spain.After analysing the facility’s needs in terms of air conditioning, filtration and pumping systems, we estimated that the improvement in pool water filtration and pumping by installing a flow regulator, a frequency inverter and a high-efficiency pump would result in energy savings of 94,271.16 kW/year, translating into savings amounting to €15,083.38 a year, and presenting an estimated payback of 16 months. In terms of the pool’s disinfection systems, the installation of a medium pressure ultraviolet lamp and a flocculation system would lead to 18.74 m3 of water savings per day and €43,210.73 in annual savings, with a payback of 6.5 months. On the other hand, there are several options for improving the air treatment by including efficient air heating pumps and dehumidifiers with UV disinfection, the total annual savings would be €49,926.22 with an estimated payback of 29 months.
  • Safety
    Swimming pool renovations oriented towards safety include automatic maintenance programs that monitor and control pH regulation, and disinfection systems.
2. Pool vessel renovation

Pool vessel renovation is one of the key ideas to upgrade a swimming pool, helping an old pool look like a new installation and extending its life and durability.

Skypool Renovation panels stand out as the ideal solution to update old pools, adapting them to current standards and extending their life.

Composed of galvanized steel, these panels offer a quick and easy solution for pool renovations that eliminates the need to demolish an entire pool: only the pool’s coping has to be demolished and a new overflow channel installed.

Moreover, the Skypool renovation panel system helps pool operators comply with current standards for overflow channels, which tend to be outdated (or non-existent) in old pools.

Additionally, it complies with World Aquatics regulations (former FINA Facilities Rules) for water sports competitions, including swimming, waterpolo, diving and synchronised swimming.

These features turn the system into an efficient, time-saving and cost-effective solution for swimming pool renovations.

Skypool renovation panel benefits
  • Quick and reliable installation
    Skypool systems use prefabricated, lightweight components designed to facilitate easy assembly. In fact, the system presents unsurpassed precision in the manufacturing and construction processes, guaranteeing extremely precise tolerances that are unheard of in traditional swimming pool renovation projects. This translates into quick and reliable construction times that are also cost-efficient and eliminate unexpected issues.
  • Low maintenance costs
    The high-technology design and manufacturing systems used to develop Skypool products help operators secure a top-quality and durable infrastructure. In fact, the metal structure comes with a 25-year warranty.
    When maintenance work must be undertaken, prefabricated pool components are readily available. Additionally, the absence of a complex infrastructure lowers maintenance and repair costs.
  • Versatility
    The system can be applied to multiple pool designs and swimming pool renovation projects, including a variety of pool shapes, all with built-in drainage outlets. In addition, ceramic and non-ceramic finishes are available.
  • Sustainability
    All Skypool system components are non-contaminating, can be recycled and have been manufactured using environmentally-friendly practices.


Skypool renovation panel main applications
  • Renovating competition and sport pools. Skypool panels can help operators update their installations in a cost-efficient way that also complies with World Aquatics regulations.
  • Wellness areas. The possibility of using curved-shaped panels provides the ideal solution for wellness areas, including interior walls and benches.


Skypool renovation panel construction process
  1. The prefabricated panels are unloaded at the construction site.
  2. The pool’s concrete coping is demolished and chemical anchors are fastened. In some cases, the pool can be made new and crowned with renovation panels, depending on each project’s needs.
  3. Next, a structure (called a bench) must be installed in order to support and level the renovation panel. For this reason, the benches are placed using chemical anchors fixed to the perimeter wall of the pool.
  4. Benches are then leveled and the renovation panels with overflow channel included are placed on the benches, screwing and joining them to the structure of the benches. This structure is then leveled so that it presents the desired tolerance.
  5. Filtration ducts can now be fitted.
  6. Reinforced PVC liners are used to waterproof the pool.
  7. Potential leaks and leveling errors are tested by filling the pool.
3. Other pool applications and solutions

Further swimming pool renovations offer an opportunity to modernise and remodel installations. The following state-of-the-art applications and solutions present potential improvements that pool operators might want to browse for their upgrading projects:

  • The pool’s filtration and recirculation systems can be improved by installing new eco-conscious solutions. For instance, the KIVU pumps range presents an efficient option with significant energy savings operating in almost absolute silence.
  • The disinfection system can also be upgraded with the Freepool2 or Neolysis system, which provides great water quality with reduced chloramines in water.
  • The integration of IoT applications helps improve pool management and control. In fact, Smart Pools further extend energy savings and minimise operation and maintenance costs. Fluidra Connect is a smart solution that collects information from pool devices for enhanced and predictive maintenance, all displayed through the InnfoPool application on one single screen for operators and users’ convenience.
  • The installation of thermal pool covers might prove a much needed investment to avoid water temperature losses and protect the pool’s hygiene standards when not in use.


All in all, swimming pool renovations provide an opportunity to enhance an installation’s possibilities and cost-efficiency.

Well-planned and well-designed systems such as Skypool panels offer these benefits while guaranteeing the renovation process is not protracted and remains a wise investment.

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