Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee, which is made up of the heads of the Legal, Internal Audit and Human Resources departments, is the body responsible for processing and resolving complaints and for disseminating the Code of Ethics.

The Ethics Committee is also responsible for managing the Confidential Channel and for dealing with any reports submitted through it.

This Committee submits regular reports to Fluidra's Board of Directors on the queries and complaints it has dealt with through the Audit Committee.

Code of Ethics

Since Fluidra set up its first company in 1969, it has had a very clear premise and value set: to respect people and laws, to be upright and to be worthy of the trust of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Following the merger with Zodiac and combining their two codes of ethics into one, they continue to be fundamental values for the whole of Fluidra.

Fluidra’s Code of Ethics is based on the 10 Principles set out in the UN's Global Compact. It was first approved in December 2008. It was last reviewed in September 2019 by the Board of Directors.

The Code of Ethics is Fluidra's top level standard-setting instrument out of all of its regulatory guidelines. The diversity of countries where we now have operations and their laws make it more necessary than ever to have clear values that serve as a benchmark to guide us in our day-to-day business.

Fluidra's Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics English

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Code of Ethics Spanish

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Code of Ethics French

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Code of Ethics German

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Code of Ethics Italian

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Code of Ethics Portuguese

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Code of Ethics Russian

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Code of Ethics Chinese

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Code of Ethics Turkish

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Code of Ethics Punjabi

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Code of Ethics Polish

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Code of Ethics Hungarian

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Code of Ehtics Romanian

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Code of Ethics Greek

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Code of Ethics Czech

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Code of Ethics Bulgarian

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Code of Ethics Slovenian

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Code of Ethics Serbian

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Code of Ethics for Suppliers

Suppliers are of paramount importance to Fluidra, as without them we would be unable to offer high quality products and services to our customers. Thus, relations between all of Fluidra's employees and its suppliers must be based on mutual respect and trust, in order to be able to build a strong, lasting relationship, as well as on compliance with the laws in force.

The Code of Ethics forms the basis on which it enters into an undertaking with its suppliers, whereby both parties pledge to respect and comply with the principles established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rights of the Child and the Declaration of the International Labor Organization, in addition to compliance with the laws in force, all of which are essential requirements to maintaining current and future business relations.

Fluidra's Code of Ethics for Suppliers


Fluidra's Code of Ethics for Suppliers

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Code of Ethics for Fluidra Suppliers - Acceptance Form

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