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We live in an increasingly connected world, where process automation and robotization is no longer a thing of the future. Connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) make it possible to connect devices and objects via the internet. This connection enables these objects and devices to remotely communicate and interact.

When it comes to IoT, it is important to differentiate between residential IoT and industrial or commercial IoT. On the one hand, the technology is user-centric in the residential IoT, individually focusing on the devices connected to provide information and control to the consumer through mobile devices.

On the other hand, the industrial IoT is a cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution called “industry 4.0”, in which a multitude of devices are connected to each other to carry out complete systems management. This systems management, which includes pools, works by monitoring, collecting information, and analyzing and managing data based on various parameters.

Commercial pools have become modern and smart pools that harness technology and now make remote management (via cell phone) of cleaning processes possible. For example: disinfection, PH level control, etc. This type of installation is called a smart pool. Likewise, commercial pools combine both worlds in what is called commercial IoT; on the one hand, information is available from each of the devices but there is also communication between machines (M2M) to manage and boost unprecedented levels of productivity, efficiency and performance. They allow both professionals and users of public pools to have a flawless pool and wellness experience.

How to turn a pool into a smart modern pool: Fluidra Connect

The Fluidra Connect platform can turn any aquatic facility into a smart pool. Using this application makes it possible to automate all necessary processes so that the pool is always in optimal condition. Fluidra Connect also allows for remote pool diagnosis, control and management.

Fluidra Connect works by installing an intelligent edge computing device called Connect Box that automates the pool locally, no connectivity needed. It connects to the Internet through a WiFi network or via cable and modem. Thus, both the operator and maintenance staff can connect remotely to manage and monitor pool status.

To enjoy the peace of mind that a smart pool offers with a simple plug and play solution, Fluidra offers Connect & Go pre-wired cabinets for commercial and public pools that offer a simpler, more practical installation. They are designed to fit most commercial pool needs and set-ups.

Connect & Go cabinets for commercial pools are equipped with all the electrical protections and switches needed to manage the equipment in a commercial pool. Everything is pre-wired to facilitate the installation process, making it the perfect solution for new pools. They are also a powerful tool for upgrading installations (simply replace the existing electrical panel with a Connect & Go).

The Connect & Go product range is offered in three product lines to meet different market needs:

  • Connect & Go Easy: Control and power devices for up to 3 pump units with direct start and control devices for the balancing tank. The panel includes control devices for lighting. For 2 HP to 3 HP power ratings.
  • Connect & Go Direct: Control and power devices for up to 3 pump units with direct start and control devices for the balancing tank. The panel includes analog inputs, control of motorized valves on the suction coil and control devices for lighting. For 1 HP to 3 HP power ratings.
  • Connect & Go Smart: Adds to the features of the Direct series with a soft starter for power ratings from 3 hp to 12 hp.

All Connect & Go commercial equipment comes with an element for measuring energy consumption to ensure installations are more sustainable and efficient.

Fluidra Connect provides 24-hour real-time maintenance, so control is absolute and reduces the extra costs involved in pool operations that are usually caused by deferring water management.

Start the water filtration treatment system, analyze all the chemical parameters of the water, and even regulate lighting, all with a single click Another added advantage is that it can be programmed, setting optimal maintenance parameters that the system is able to maintain, incorporating everything needed for maintenance; it can even send out warnings if something isn’t right.

What processes can be automated in a modern pool?

Technology has advanced so far that practically any task or process that can be performed in an aquatic facility can be automated. Examples of processes that can be automated are:

  • Pool water filtration. Connecting the filtration system to Fluidra Connect optimizes the water filtering process to the fullest. This process can be done remotely or programmed for certain hours of the day to maximize energy savings. However, the system will run only as long as it takes for the water to reach the levels set.
  • Chemical water treatment. One of the main tasks involved in pool maintenance is the control of the water’s chemical levels to ensure that the pool is healthy and safe for swimmers. By converting a pool into a smart pool, this task is performed in real time, the system automatically adding just the right chemicals to ensure the water always has a correct pH.
  • Water levels. Pools lose water mainly through evaporation and use. In a smart pool, there is no need to worry about the water level, since it will fill automatically and constantly until it reaches the right level.
  • Water temperature. Temperature is one of the variables that is constantly controlled. Parameters can be set and managed remotely so that it is always at the same temperature or changed according to the seasons of the year. This option is particularly useful for indoor pools.
  • Open and close covers. It is also feasible to automate the opening and closing of pool covers, depending on the weather or the time of day.
  • Lighting. Fluidra Connect can program not only the pool lighting system but also surrounding lights. Consequently, it is possible to provide lighting according to the time of day or night for the pool, as well as for the surrounding landscaping and outdoor spaces.

In addition to these processes, alerts can be programmed with the smart pool system to notify owners about important maintenance or to buy products when they are running out. On the other hand, the alert system sends out warnings in the event of dangers like an unusual drop in the water level, which could indicate the presence of an internal leak in the pool.

Advanced features of a modern pool

A modern pool with a movable floor can also benefit from the automation that the Fluidra Connect system provides.
Connect & Go can control both the usual treatment and disinfection systems as well as the most advanced ones (Freepool2). It disinfects the water using the neolysis system, which combines salt electrolysis with ultraviolet radiation, and corrects pH levels by injecting CO2. This water disinfection method avoids the use of chemical chlorine thanks to the production of chlorine from the salt in the water.

The advantages of a smart pool

Converting a pool into a smart pool or planning a smart aquatic installation has several clear advantages:

  • Energy savings in the different disinfection and cleaning processes
  • Peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is under control
  • Savings on cleaning products
  • Savings on maintenance staff
  • Prevents human error and carelessness
  • Absolute control the pool water condition at all times
  • Competitive advantage

It is worth investing in technology to convert an aquatic installation into a smart pool because it means greater control and security, as well as medium to long-term savings.


The perfect pool and wellness experience in a responsible way

At Fluidra, innovation is one of the drivers of our development, a way that we can create the perfect pool and wellness experience that in turn enhances user well-being and enjoyment. We also want to help pool industry professionals grow their business by providing quality products and innovative services. All while taking into account the facility’s sustainability.

Fluidra Connect is the smart solution that makes it possible for users and/or professionals to remotely control the pool by giving them the ability to diagnose, manage and control the entire system from a computer screen or other mobile device.

In combination, the new Connect & Go commercial control cabinets are the simplest and most practical solution to control and connect commercial pools and enjoy the countless advantages and features that connectivity in the field of commercial pools has to offer.

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