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Transcending mere landscaping, the design of artificial lagoons and lakes in a tourist resort or real estate development is something that enhances the surroundings and can accommodate a wide range of activities. These additions increase the value of urban spaces, tourist resorts and any large real estate development by adding a natural element that accentuates architectural beauty.

Not only do artificial lakes and lagoons provide an idyllic place to swim, but water sports like kayaking, rowing and even sailing in small recreational boats are usually possible on these large-scale bodies of water.

What is the difference between an artificial lake and lagoon?

An artificial lagoon, an innovative solution designed to recreate a stunning seascape, is trending strong in the hotel, public and real estate industries.

These oases can be adapted to a range of sizes and uses by harnessing the special technology Fluidra has developed. These well-defined spaces are an extremely versatile solution that make it possible to include multiple concepts in a single design.

An artificial lake, on the other hand, is a large body that provides a fresh, ornamental touch to outdoor areas.

What are artificial lakes used for?

Tourist resorts use artificial lagoons or lakes to enhance guest relaxation and comfort, offering a range of water sports like kayaking, rowing and even sailing in small recreational boats. A variety of different recreational activities can also be developed for all types of audiences to create a unique concept.

What value do artificial lagoons bring to the business and/or user?

Artificial lagoons are a high-value aquatic addition that offers a host of advantages to any project.

Authors Leitch and Hovde argue that aquatic ecosystems can be valued from four perspectives:

  • Values for the owner: Values provided by the facility’s products and services, for example, aquatic plants, water, etc.
  • Values for users: Values like enjoyment and water quality.
  • Values for the region: Values related to ROI.
  • Values for society: The sum of the value for the users and the value for the owner.

All of these values are met when it comes to artificial lagoons like those that can be built in tourist resorts and real estate developments.

They benefit the property, the users that enjoy them, the region and society in general.


The value of Fluidra's lagoons

Fluidra’s artificial lake solutions offer multiple possibilities and add tremendous value to any property.

Our lagoons are extremely versatile and can be located and adapted to a full range of geographical regions and climatic conditions, from deserts to mountains and cities, creating an oasis of pure, crystal-clear water anywhere in the world.

Customized, cutting-edge lagoons attract increasingly more users. This creates a boost in demand that translates into higher sales for the various activities and businesses in the lagoon’s immediate surroundings. Likewise, lagoons increase the value of any property and deliver added value its development.

Looking to design or build an artificial pond or lagoon and want to take advantage of all the benefits it can provide your resort or real estate development? We encourage you to check out our design tips.

Design tips for artificial lagoons
  • Shape: Analyze the shape of the lagoon based on the natural environment and the landscape desired, the expected use and related activities, as well as accessibility from the surrounding buildings.
  • Temperature: The general rule is for the water to be at ambient temps, although some uses may require a more specific temperature.
  • Depth: From 0 to 1.8 meters.
  • Recirculation time and water treatment: Specific water treatment technology is required for different uses and regions and must always comply with local regulations.
  • Construction system: Compacted soil covered by a PVC liner.
  • Compliance: A customized design for each project and compliance with mandatory technical standards is essential.

Fluidra can design the perfect artificial lagoon for your tourism and real estate business.

* This guidance contains general recommendations that should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. This information is not an instruction manual and cannot be considered as such. Any implementation or installation must be performed by a qualified professional under the right guidelines. In this regard, each user assumes responsibility for his or her use of the information. Consequently, in no event will Fluidra be liable for any claim, damage or loss resulting from the use of this information.



How to design artificial lagoons and lakes in your tourist resort or real estate development

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