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Facilities designed specifically for children, as well as children’s pools, are something that parents take into consideration when deciding what hotel or resort they want to vacation at. These types of pools always add value to any hotel. Likewise, real estate developments that include children’s pools are even more attractive to buyers.

What are children's pools?

Also known as kiddie pools, these are pools that ensure the safety of children under the age of ten or eleven and are designed specifically for their use.

These pools usually feature elements (think pirate ships, whale skeletons, water cannons and even small islands) that make it possible for children to interact with the water.

How are children's pools different from other pools?

Kiddie pools used in tourist attractions, gyms and water parks have to meet specific conditions and adapt to their young users, who have unique and specific ways of enjoying pools.

The recommended water temperature in these types of facilities ranges from 30 to 32ºF (or from 33 to 35ºF for babies). When it comes to infants and toddlers, the recommendation is that the water temperature be as close as possible to body temperature.

Pool depth is also a differentiating factor for children’s pools. These pools should be between 0.30 and 0.50 m deep.

Another peculiarity of this type of pool is that the water treatment required is quite specific and includes an ultraviolet water treatment or a salt chlorinator that minimizes the generation of chlorine by-products and has a strict recirculation time (according to the British Standard, for example, that time is between 30 minutes and an hour).

Other elements like shape, finishes and most importantly safety are also important to consider when designing children’s pools.

Safety tips for children's swimming pools

By way of example, the Spanish National Association for Child Safety has issued several recommendations to ensure that children are safe in these types of pools.

In broad terms, it suggests installing life-saving measures like a rescue buoy or poles and any other equipment that ensure children’s full safety in these pools.

It also recommends that the kiddie pool fencing comply with the French AFNOR standard.

Interested in designing compliant and safe children’s pools? Fluidra can help you design the pool you need for any of your businesses, whether it’s the children’s area in your resort or hotel, or in your water park, sports club or real estate development.


This information contains general recommendations that must be taken into consideration on a case by case basis. This information is not an instruction manual and can not be considered as such for any purpose. Any implementation or installation to be made must be made by a professional and under the appropriate guidelines. In this regard, each user is responsible for the application it makes of the information contained herein. Fluidra will not be responsible for its use. Consequently, Under no circumstances will Fluidra be liable or responsible for any claim, damages or loss that may arise as a consequence of the use of this information.

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