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Today, interior design in tourist and commercial spaces has a wide range of options available to help the facility set itself apart and generate unique experiences. Alternatives like indoor water fountains are gaining ground, going beyond mere decoration to create unique and attractive environments that customers love.

How customer experience is linked to interior design is something that has to be addressed from the outset. Specifically, it is during the design phase that it is possible to study what type of equipment and solutions will be installed, what their layout will be and their purpose.

What are indoor water fountains for hotels?

For years, indoor water fountains have been an ideal solution for decorating public spaces in hotels and shopping malls.

Ornamental fountains can become a centerpiece for these types of establishments, triggering a positive public response since they create an atmosphere that invites users to relax and unwind.


Types of indoor water fountains

1. Vessel fountains

This classic fountain option is know for its harmony with its surroundings as well as its beauty and architectural value. This type of indoor water fountain can be used to create cool, peaceful atmospheres. Users can also be delighted with the incorporation of multiple water jets and lights, creating shows that amaze and entertain.

2. Digital screens

More eye-catching solutions, these types of fountains are often incorporated into the interior design of lobbies for business and conference hotels and shopping malls. They serve as a “cover letter”, enhancing a positive first impression.

An innovative solution, messages and images can be projected onto digital water curtains. They are commonly used to advertise corporate events or promote commercial brands, for example, providing an appealing and effective way to communicate.

3. Water mirrors

Indoor water fountains formed by a thin layer of water that acts like a mirror to enhance a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere. It is an element that, installed in gardens, halls or shopping mall or hotel corridors, generates spaces where time seems to stand still.

4. Waterfall

Waterfalls are used as a decorative element in large spaces in hotels and shopping malls. Designed as a vertical cascade that resembles a natural waterfall, the continuous movement of water and the associated sound enhances the charm of any space and attracts a public in search of peace and beauty.

Advantages of indoor water fountains

The main benefits that this type of fountain brings to public hotel and shopping mall spaces include:

  • Decorative features that define the style of the establishment and set it apart from the competition. The use of water, light and color is geared to delighting users and creating a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • Beyond aesthetics, the installation of indoor water fountains enhances emotions, aligning with a positive user experience.
  • In dry environments, they can help cool down the area and even act as a humidifier.
  • They provide a feeling of spaciousness, especially indoor water fountains designed as water mirrors.
  • They can be installed indoors or in gardens.
  • They can build branding. For example, decoration using digital curtains aligns a brand with values like innovation and originality, since logos and personalized messages can be projected. In addition, this type of installation can be monetized, since it is possible to project advertising messages on an extraordinary platform that attracts users’ attention.
  • Water fountains installed in shopping malls encourage foot traffic, benefiting the surrounding businesses.
  • Easy maintenance

Installing indoor water fountains is thus a great way to set a hotel or shopping mall apart from the competition. They enhance a unique image that is also aligned with positive, memorable and loyalty-building user experiences.

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