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When looking at how to enhance the customer experience and the attractiveness of a venue, water shows are a great addition to open spaces. Water has always been the perfect subtle addition to open spaces, from real estate developments to spas, malls and hotels. Turning it into a spectacle combining light and music during a water show is an even better, unique way to attract customers to hotels and hospitality complexes.

Water shows can range from music only, or combining with lights and projections, to display a one-of-a-kind production that can be put in place seasonally, for special occasions, or even on a daily basis. They add to the uniqueness of hospitality venues and are an additional way to enhance brand image.

In this article, we will cover three major topics:

  • Essential information about what a water show is and how it works
  • The top 4 reasons you should add a water show to your designs
  • How to choose and install a perfect water show
What is a water show?

Water shows can be defined as any performance combining water with music, sound, and lighting, as well as potentially additional displays like projecting onto buildings or even dance or theater.

Hotel operators worldwide have used water shows predominantly to attract attention to their building, such as in the case of the fountains at Bellagio in Las Vegas, United States. The light and water show make the background of the hotel even more imposing and exciting, while also creating a focal point for visitors to come to the hotel and restaurant for.

Alternatively, water shows can be created simply for the enjoyment of the water display itself. For example, a structure like the Dubai Mall Fountain performs in a very independent and interesting fashion.

Finally, water shows can take place on a regular basis, such as daily or several times a day even. They become a point of reference for tourists in a location, and can be part of the visits planned by those in town for only one day. At the same time, one-off special events can be organized to capitalize on seasonal or annual events, such as a Christmas themed water show.

Top 4 reasons to add a water show and outdoor fountain to your space

Water shows can be literal show stoppers and attract a significant crowd in your outdoor space. This represents numerous advantages.

General ambiance
By featuring a water show as part of your hotel or building’s outdoor space, your property will feature an additional, completely different set-up from the rest. This gives visitors one extra reason to come and see your grounds and enhances the look and mood of your property.

Aesthetic enhancement
Even when the water show isn’t running, the fountains are set up so they are visually pleasing for passers-by. As a result, your outdoor space benefits from the arrangement for a water show at all times.

When the water show is running, there is an opportunity to highlight different parts of the outdoor space and the buildings by using them as spaces to project lights on.

Increase number of visitors
The fact that a water show is organised on your premises is an additional reason for people to visit your site. This can become a return on investment, as they may book a table in the restaurant even if they don’t stay in the hotel, for example. In many places like mall centers where water shows take place during the day, restaurants, bars and snack counters can be set up and made available for daytime visitors to use, too.

Unique brand image
Water shows add something unique to your brand image and associate a new dimension with a property’s brand identity. Moreover, they can be a great advertising element for your hotel, mall center or real estate development – catching the eye effectively.

How to choose and install a water show

When you set up a water show for your outdoor space, there are a few points to consider to make it engaging, sustainable and efficient.

Define the show
Firstly, start with the concept of what you want your show to be about: the story, the theme, your subjects etc. This will then influence the technical elements that need to be considered when building the installation (the lighting, the water effects etc.).

Think about the audience and space
What will your audience see first, and from what angle will the show be visible to them? How can you display the show overall so that it’s accessible to the most people?
Additionally, consider whether you should have a seated, ticketed show or whether the water show will be free of charge and open to anyone from the public.

Choose the right effects and features
Once the themes, audience and spaces are clear, it is the moment to choose the right elements to play with: fire, rocket jets, water curtains, dancer jets, water mist, laser lights… The artistic combination of these technological elements with music will manage to tell magical stories that will captivate the audience.

Consider timings and advertising
There can be a good number of special events and seasonal advertising opportunities that you can link with your water show (as mentioned above, for example, a Christmas themed show). It will be useful to include these in your planning so you can work backwards from a desired start date and maximize advertising opportunities, too.

Make your water show efficient
Finally, during the planning stage of where and how the fountains will operate, consider some aspects with your technical team to optimize the technical design: connectivity, energy efficiency and wind sensors. These aspects will ensure that you have a better return on investment in the long term, too.

Add water shows to draw in a crowd

Taking into account all the elements of what makes a successful and efficient water show, adding one to your grounds will make an excellent magnet for new customers and a unique brand element for your marketing. Water shows are a wonderful long-term investment, aesthetically and financially.

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