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Movable pool floors are one of the most versatile design elements that aquatic facilities can use to turn pools into multipurpose spaces that appeal to a wide variety of users.

We analyze the potential of this type of flooring for swimming pools and the benefits it offers compared to other options.

What is a movable pool floor?

The movable floor refers to a type of platform that makes it possible to adjust pool depth as needed. They harness hydraulic technology to make both indoor and outdoor pools deeper or shallower, depending on use.

Movable floors are used to turn  pools into multipurpose spaces: aquatic facilities can be turned into a deck, a stage, or a recreational area (among many other possible activities) when the platform is raised. Mobile floors maximize the performance of any installation.

Since movable floor platforms can be fully integrated, facilities can create spaces with zero impact on aesthetics: the pool disappears when the platform is raised, transforming it seamlessly and safely from one purpose to another.

The floors can also transition to any depth that suits your needs. The beauty of a movable pool floor is that it can easily transform a facility from a 2-meter deep pool for competitive swimmers to a pool for divers or water polo players, even a shallow children’s pool.

How movable pool floors work

Several features are incorporated into movable pool floors to ensure safety:

  • It is hydraulic, so no electricity is needed in the pool.
  • Movable pool floors float, ensuring safety and preventing  risks like potential collapses.
  • The structural and mechanical elements are made from durable, high-quality stainless steel.
  • Movable pool floors can support up to 250 kg/m² of weight, making the deck completely safe and secure.
  • Anti-entrapment system: there is only 8 mm of space between the movable floor and the walls, making it impossible for anyone to get trapped in the space when the pool is in use. This system also makes walking on the movable floor when it is closed completely safe.
Types of movable floors and their uses

Floor for competition pools or sports clubs

Movable floors can be adjusted to different set-ups, easily creating different depths, even pools deep enough to host competition diving. This provides increased versatility, an asset for owners of post-Olympic facilities.

Floors for therapy pools

Therapy pools need to be easily adapted to the needs of different users.  This makes movable pools the perfect solution: water depth can be controlled, making it possible for users to get in and out of the pool at level 0, for example.

Multipurpose floor for hotel pools

1. Ceramic or wooden movable floor

This type of installation adds a extra element of functionality to any space with a swimming pool. Hotels can simply and easily convert the pool and give a new purpose to the space by raising the floor and turning the space into a deck, restaurant, stage – the options are endless. Featuring ceramic or wood flooring, the movable floor blends aesthetically into its surroundings.

 2. Interactive floor with fountain

Installing movable pool floors allows for innovation by turning pool spaces into dry deck fountains. This type of fountain features water jets that users can safely walk on and play with. Little ones will love having a space to interact with water, while adult audiences can use the space for a range of activities and events, including dinners and cocktail parties.

3. Floor with LED screen

A movable floor concept that goes a step further in the search for aesthetics and ways to amaze users is to incorporate a LED screen for projecting images. This type of installation delivers both artistic and creative elements that set the space apart, delighting users with a combination of innovative technologies and flowing water. LED screens are also useful for corporate events and meetings; project logos, slogans, images and videos, even monetize the space through advertising.

Movable floor benefits
  • Multipurpose installations that attract different types of users, in turn diversifying revenue streams for companies.
  • Can be adapted to different sizes.
  • Save on energy and maintenance: movable floors also serve as a pool cover that keeps the pool clean, maintains temperature and prevents evaporation.
  • Installed with the right technology, remote access is possible if needed.
  • Easy maintenance: access to motors, arms, and other elements that require maintenance is simple.

In short, movable pool floors turn aquatic facilities into multipurpose spaces that maximize possibilities by attracting different types of users to a single place.

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