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Viladecans, Spain

A dynamic and colorful complex of fountains to deliver a pleasant shopping experience at the Style Outlets of Viladecans.

In a strategic location in the Barcelona metropolitan area, The Style Outlets in Viladecans offers a commercial space with more than 130 stores and multiple services that guarantee a unique shopping experience. In addition, users can relax in its bars and restaurants or take a walk through the beautiful surroundings of the center. Opened in the fall of 2016, the 26,500-square-meter SBA outlet center houses more than 130 top-brand stores. Viladecans The Style Outlets is defined as an oasis of nature: an open-air shopping center surrounded by a natural environment of vegetation and water sources. It should be noted that it has been awarded the distinctive Biosphere Commitment that ensures environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Description of Fluidra's scope

Three fountains by Fluidra create a spectacular atmosphere in one of Europe’s three new The Style Outlets projects: the first one with 63 jets with a switch up to 4 meters high; 26 glassy jets; 61 fog-type jets and a walkable beach effect. The second one with 51 cosmos type jets, all fitted with RGB LED lighting. The third one is a fountain with 24 vertical jets.