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Swimming pool refurbishments are essential in commercial and public pool facilities. Renovations renew and refresh outdated installations, improving user experience, maximizing efficiency, and making the facility more sustainable, whether its purpose is leisure, sport, or wellness.

Renovations are also important to ensure the facility complies with regulations. These vary depending on the pool’s purpose and location but are important nonetheless. Pool renovations can result in efficiency gains that translate into savings.

New technologies are also making swimming pool refurbishments much easier. There is a wide range of innovative solutions that can rejuvenate a facility without extensive construction works. In turn, this offers the possibility to attract new customers through a value-added experience.

Signs that the swimming pool needs renovation

The main reason to renovate a pool facility is to comply with corresponding official regulations according to the country or region where the pool is located.

Although any reliable contractor will choose long-lasting materials for a pool’s structural and aesthetic characteristics, they will inevitably deteriorate over time. This will happen faster if the pool isn’t properly cleaned or maintained.

Signs that you need to refurbish the pool will include damage to the walls, bottom, and pool coping , including cracks or exposed underlying materials. Repetitive repairs or low energy efficiency will be other tell-tale signs that it might be time to undertake more extensive renovations. The long and short term savings will outstrip high energy bills and constant minor repairs.

There are also aesthetic motivations for swimming pool refurbishments. As fashions come and go, it might be possible that the original design of your facility is no longer in style. This is particularly important for hotels and spas, which will want to attract customers by offering an attractive environment.

Refurbishing the pool vessel

If you want to renovate the pool vessel, an innovative new solution is Skypool Renovation panels. This easy-to-install steel or galvanized steel system mitigates the need to demolish the existing pool vessel. Instead, only the coping needs to be removed, and the panels are applied with chemical anchors.

The Skypool renovation panel installation process
  1. Prefabricated panels are delivered to the site.
  2. The pool’s concrete coping is demolished and chemical anchors are fitted to the pool perimeter.
  3. Next, structures referred to as benches are installed on the chemical anchors to support and level the renovation panel.
  4. Renovation panels and overflow channels are fitted to the benches. The structure is leveled according to the desired tolerance.
  5. Filtration ducts are installed and/or connected.
  6. Reinforced PVC liners are applied.
  7. The vessel undergoes testing for leaks and proper leveling.

The final result is a refreshed, safer, and more durable swimming pool. Skypool swimming pool refurbishments also ensure that pool operators are fully compliant with World Aquatics regulations (former FINA Facilities Rules) for aquatic competitions, particularly in regard to overflow channels, which can be dated or non-existent in older pool designs.

Renovation panel key benefits
  • Quick and easy installation

Prefabricated components are easy to assemble.

  • Incredibly precise

Prefabrication also allows for precise tolerance.

  • Low-cost maintenance

The quality, durable structure is extremely resistant and comes with a 25-year warranty.

  • Easy-to-source parts

If maintenance is required, prefabricated parts can be easily ordered and fitted.

  • Versatile

Applicable to multiple designs and shapes.

  • Sustainable

All components are inert, recyclable, and manufactured according to environmental standards.

  • Available in different finishes

Ceramic and non-ceramic options provide the finishing touch.

Renovating other structural or mechanical elements

Over time, other parts of the swimming pool will require refurbishment. For example, mechanical elements such as air treatment systems, heating and cooling systems, filtration systems, and recirculation systems can benefit from the installation of a flow regulator, a frequency inverter, and a more efficient pump. KIVU pumps can contribute significant energy savings with almost silent operation.

For the facility’s cleaning and disinfection system, UV installations can significantly enhance hygiene and save water. The addition of a medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp and a flocculation system can kill harmful bacteria, while the flocculation system can conserve water. An effective disinfection system solution is Neolysis from AstralPool, which improves water quality and mitigates the need for excessive chlorine use. This enhances user comfort and experience, bringing a value-added aspect to pool cleaning solutions.

The same principles can be applied to improving air quality in the installation. Via the use of efficient air heating pumps and dehumidifiers with UV disinfection capabilities, pool operators can offer a fresh, crisp, and clean-feeling swimming environment.

Inefficient or non-existent heating systems are also the cause of uncomfortable pool environments. Inefficient models can suppose extra costs and cause environmental harm. If operators are looking to upgrade, heat pumps are the best option, especially for large public facilities.

Aesthetic swimming pool refurbishments

Once structural swimming pool refurbishments are complete, you can consider improving its overall look. The aesthetic of the pool area is a key selling point to potential users, especially in leisure and wellness spaces, where beautifying the facility will be essential to attracting customers.

The pool lining plays an important role in creating an appealing aesthetic. It also has structural value, as the material will ensure the vessel is fully watertight. Operators should carefully analyze the options available to them as these will affect efficiency, maintenance, and the pool’s appearance.

Although there are many options, a reinforced PVC membrane liner stands out as the best option, especially for large commercial facilities. These liners are cost-effective, practical, and versatile, making them useful in pools of any design or purpose.

Constructed from a hard-wearing polyester net covered with double-layer fused PVC sheeting, the structure provides a stable, fully watertight environment. This layer also acts as an additional protective layer for the pool basin, ensuring that the liner never loses water. Plus, the liner supplied by Fluidra is 100% recyclable. 

The finishing touch will be to add some lighting. Pool lights set the mood, make the water look inviting, and keep swimmers safe. State-of-the-art LED lighting systems are the best alternative to regular halogen lights, creating an attractive atmosphere while saving energy and lasting longer.

Simple systems to reduce the need for renovations

The integration of IoT tools can help to streamline pool management and maintenance. So-called smart pools also provide efficiency benefits, including saving energy and cutting costs. These tools can also address safety concerns, including automated maintenance programs for pH balance, disinfection, etc. 

Fluidra Connect is a smart pool solution that harvests data from pool devices in order to predict and enhance maintenance. This is particularly useful for large commercial facilities with multiple pools that want to streamline their maintenance routine. All relevant information is displayed on the InnfoPool app, giving you full visibility over your installations on one easy-to-use dashboard.

On the more analog end of the spectrum is the installation of a pool cover. Pool covers ensure that the pool’s temperature is properly managed while avoiding water loss. The cover also ensures that the pool remains clean and fresh while it is out of use.

Invest in your swimming pool

Swimming pools are built to last. However, there will come a time when swimming pool refurbishments will be necessary. Pool operators, when the facility shows signs of wear and tear, should see renovating the pool as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. 

Structural and mechanical improvements to outdated facilities can dramatically improve their efficiency, cut costs, and enhance safety in the long term. Apart from complying with key regulations for public and commercial pool facilities, local authorities and competition regulators also stipulate that pools must be properly maintained – especially as sustainability becomes of increasing concern, so make sure you aren’t caught out.

Meanwhile, running a more sustainable operation can add value in more ways than one. Alongside aesthetic renovations, you can attract more customers with an eco-friendly, attractive pool design, complemented with stylish lighting and finishes.

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