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Among the current proposals of ornamental fountains there are many options to choose from. One of the most classic, although it is still one of the most recommended, is the one related to vessel fountains.

What are vessel fountains?

Vessel fountains consist of systems that combine the movement of water with its relaxing sound and different lighting options. Also called basin fountains, its main feature is that they are installed with a base or basin in which the water is collected and with which splashes are avoided.

They represent a very attractive ornamental touch both as indoor and outdoor water fountains, as they can also have great architectural value through its sculpture.

In fact, the benefits of water fountains in urban environments are remarkable, since they beautify the space, provide a cooling effect to the traditional “concrete jungle” and also encourage the influx of people, adjacent services and tourism.

As for the cooling effect. The process of urbanization of cities generates an increase in temperature inside them, known as “urban heat island“. This effect is increasing, boosted by climate change. Water from fountains can reduce the temperature by evaporation, transporting heat out of town, acting as a regulator that slowly absorbs heat helping to remove dust and other airborne contaminants.

Where is the installation of vessel fountains recommended?

As we have indicated, vessel fountains are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as for gardens and green spaces. In any of them they will aesthetically enrich the environment.

This makes them a perfect solution for hotels, water parks, resorts, shopping centers, as well as for public gardens, roundabouts, parks or squares, among many more. It is an ideal solution to rehabilitate and rejuvenate any of these spaces.

At Fluidra, we have tackled projects for ornamental vessel fountains in all types of spaces in different countries. They always provide freshness, ornamentation and architectural value.

In many cases they represent a meeting point, social dynamization and surrounding businesses. If they are in public spaces, they become an important tourist spot. For example, the fountains of Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona have scheduled water and lighting shows, which attract millions of visitors every year.

Design recommendations

One of the biggest advantages of vessel fountains is that they offer many options to adapt the final design to the needs of each client or the space where they are going to be installed.

Water shows take on special prominence in this type of fountains, since they can captivate spectators with all kinds of movements, combined with light and even sound effects.

In any case, it is important to know how to prioritize the sound of the water itself. The incessant flow that can be achieved with an appropriate design transmits peace and quiet, something that can be very useful in spaces where there is usually a busy activity, such as shopping centers.

However, in other quieter places, such as a hotel, they can also accentuate the feeling of relaxation and rest that many guests seek.

Another aspect to take into account is that they can be an excellent architectural complement. They help to reinforce the architectural style of the space in which they are located, thus being exposed as an artistic incentive for all customers or tourists who can admire them.

In order to take advantage of these advantages, a personalized study is required on the place where it is going to be located, taking into account factors as diverse as architecture, climate, environment or the profile of people who usually pass through that area, since a specific basin fountain will not be as effective for a shopping center as for a business center, a hotel or a public square. With the right decisions, we can achieve the perfect ornamental solution for each space.