Fluidra Connect

Fluidra Connect is the smart solution for monitoring and controlling a pool remotely. It provides the possibility of diagnosing, handling and controlling a water facility and its systems from a touch screen, thus optimizing their running times, all of which translates as greater efficiency.


A revolutionary solution for the disinfection and treatment of water in public pools that protects the health and well-being of users by reducing the concentration of oxidants in the atmosphere by 75%, thus improving the quality of water without smelling of chlorine.


A modular system of pre-fabricated steel panels for building the shell of sports and commercial pools that delivers on speed, high precision, durability and safety.

Skypool Renovation panel

Renovation panels are the ideal solution for upgrading existing pools. Quick and easy to install, this is the best solution for breathing new life into your pool without needing to do major building work.

Movable bulkhead

The underwater mobile structure allows a pool to be divided into many spaces with different uses at the same time. This accessory takes maximum advantage of a pool’s capacity and delivers a much more versatile and financially viable facility.

Natural Pools & Ponds

Natural Pools & Ponds purify the water using biological filters and aquatic plants, just like in a natural ecosystem. As no chemicals are used, biodiversity is preserved and the look of the surroundings enhanced.