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The only way to make an experience extraordinary is to create it in its entirety, paying attention to every last detail. Themed swimming pools go far beyond classic pools, creating a comprehensive and memorable experience for the leisure of children and adults.

Caves, waterfalls, slides, swimming and relaxation areas… The possibilities to create an extraordinary space for all ages and different user profiles are many. Therefore, in today’s competitive environment, where differentiation is vital, themed pools offer an excellent appeal for the tourism and leisure sector.
An appropriately designed themed pool project is not only an eye-catching curiosity: the right approach takes into account the behavioral dynamics as well as social interaction.

Themed pools are able to capture the attention of passers-by, making them spend more time in the pool, with all the advantages that this entails for any company.

Types of Themed Swimming Pools

Pools that imitate nature

The goal is for the pool and all its elements to blend in with the environment, harmonizing with the surrounding nature to give the impression of being a natural space.
These projects can mimic the environment of a beach, lake or river swimming area. In addition, they often try to make use of the existing environment in the area, including rocks or vegetation.

Pools that recreate fantasy scenes

These installations transport users to a fantasy situation with a very specific theme. Examples are pools that imitate the seabed, those that make use of animated characters or emulate constructions such as a pirate ship or a medieval castle, among others.

Elements of Themed Pools

Themed pools can be adapted to the client’s needs and desires through the design of different areas and the inclusion of several elements.

Some examples of elements and different spaces in themed swimming pools:
  • To give users a natural environment with an immersive feel, waterfalls; vegetation or rocks (both natural and artificial) or water jets; fountains and streams can be included.
  • With the combination of distinct areas in different spaces, it is possible to entertain different profiles and age groups: there are relaxation areas (with jacuzzis, floating areas, thermal benches, spa area…), swimming and sports areas or children’s areas with adapted attractions.
  • The pool can also have other amenities, such as beach areas with sunbeds, restaurants, stores or changing rooms. A consistent experience will only be achieved if these areas are thematically in line with the rest of the facility.
  • All this must be done without neglecting the possibility of automatic cleaning and maintenance.
How to plan a themed swimming pool project

Themed swimming pool projects, whether they are created from scratch or adapted from an existing space, require the coordination of a team of professionals: engineers, architects, designers and concept designers must work in harmony.

Therefore, the concept design will be essential not only to design the theme adapted to the target audience of the installation, but also to integrate all the elements and different spaces of the pool so that they are of the greatest benefit to the client.

This point highlights the capacity to allow the flow of people in and out of the water, in addition to guaranteeing a playful environment for the children’s areas and promoting social interaction for any user.

Therefore, themed swimming pool projects usually involve the following phases:
  • Consulting: consultancy is provided according to the needs of the project, carrying out preliminary feasibility studies. At this time, the general distribution of spaces and circuits for users is also managed.
  • Concept Design: Conceptual design is an early phase of the design process in which the broad outlines of function and form are articulated through the development of conceptual models, sketches, diagrams and drawings. This helps designers and, later, developers stay on track throughout the project. All this, keeping in line with the needs expressed by the client and their target audience.
  • Design Development: this is the phase in which the design details are developed, taking into consideration functional, regulatory and technical requirements. A deliverable document is generated consisting of drawings, reports and technical specifications that will serve as a complete, accurate and detailed guide for the manufacture of the components and their correct installation.
  • Manufacturing: this is the phase in which the water treatment equipment is manufactured and the themed elements are developed in specialized centers.
  • Construction and installation: where having a project manager on site favors a faster and more efficient installation in order to successfully complete the process.
Benefits of themed pools

There are several selling points as to why the tourism and leisure sector may be interested in the installation of themed pools:

  • Differentiation. Companies in the tourism and leisure industry have experienced fierce competition and have long demanded ideas to clearly differentiate themselves. Themed pools are the answer for many of these businesses, as they will be able to provide a memorable experience for users, enhancing their role as promoters and loyal customers to your brand.
  • Capturing market niches. It is possible to design themed pools aimed directly at a target audience and a specific profile: children, families, adult couples, young people…
  • Customer retention. Themed swimming pools are places designed for users to stay in for an extended period of time, in addition to being a place to meet with family or friends. This benefits tourism and leisure companies, since stores or hospitality services can be installed in the area, increasing turnover.

Themed swimming pools become an exceptional appeal for the leisure and tourism industry. Their appropriate design allows clients to enjoy a memorable experience, creating a meeting and leisure place where companies can experiment with various business models.

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