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Prefabricated swimming pools offer the operator several advantages. Installation is quicker than other methods and the process is easier. There are also multiple installation options, including above-ground, in-ground, or even partially in-ground options. For more creative installation options, a prefabricated modular pool offers more possibilities still.

A modular pool is an installation constructed from prefabricated modules or panels to create the pool basin and walls. Whereas one-piece prefabricated pools came with limitations in regard to shape and size, modular pools can be laid out in a whole host of different configurations, without compromising on reliability, accuracy and durability.

The key benefits of a modular pool system

A modular pool offers great adaptability, precision, and possibilities for personalisation. This allows for creative shapes and designs, ideal for operators running wellness spaces or hotel resorts. Equally, they provide an efficient and easy solution for the installation and refurbishment of competition and public leisure pools.

A modular pool system also allows for the straightforward disassembly or renovation of an existing facility without the need for extensive masonry or construction. This makes them ideal for temporary installations, for example during special competitions, or for pools constructed in confined spaces, such as rooftops .

Summary of benefits
  • Installation in complex spaces and locations
  • Completion in record time
  • Cost saving
  • Lightweight structure
  • The prefabricated system ensures no errors before supply
  • Easy to repair and maintain with minimal maintenance works
Modular pool solutions from Fluidra

Skypool is a modular panel system that offers several advantages, including incredibly efficient construction for all shapes and sizes. These pools are built from prefabricated steel or galvanised steel panels, covered with a PVC-P liner and finished with ceramic tiles. The stainless steel panels are hot-dip galvanised with zinc to offer superior protection from corrosion. AISI 304 stainless steel panels are also available on request.

The Skypool system can be adapted to existing infrastructure, cutting Installation times and costs thanks to the simple assembly system. It is ideal for use as a competition pool due to the precision that prefabrication offers – essential for facilities subject to World Aquatics regulations (former FINA Facilities Rules.

Skypool is also a lightweight solution that allows easy access to the back of the panels for inspection, maintenance, or repair. Plus, the system’s durability and engineering calculations make it an ideal choice for locations that face earthquake hazards, in compliance with the corresponding national regulations.

The Skypool system also offers renovation panels . These are ideal for outdated pools that need refurbishing, whether to comply with regulations or to give them a new lease of life. These panels mitigate the necessity to demolish the entire pool, and instead, allow for quick and easy repairs. Operators only need to dismantle the pool coping and install the overflow channel. Ceramic and non-ceramic finishes are available, with built-in drain outlets.

Bluespring by Laghetto

The lightweight structure of the Bluespring modular pool helps swimming pool designers create fully personalised, state-of-the-art swimming pools. This solution offers both style and substance, with a range of options for shapes, sizes, and more. The materials are durable and high quality, making them suitable for wellness centres, leisure pools, and sports clubs alike.

The double-walled self-supporting structure features an overflow channel and a built-in compensation tank. This perimeter doesn’t require a retaining wall or soil filled with sand or gravel, thereby limiting masonry work to the absolute minimum. All Bluespring components are made of galvanised steel sheets, with a low level of carbon (compliant with standard UNI EN 10327).

This modular pool is assembled by combining the individual component parts. These consist of two parts: central and corner. Once connected, Bluespring modules accommodate the water containment membrane. The waterproofing membrane is made with a polyester fibre warp and weft fabric coated with PVC on both sides.

As modular pool components are readily accessible and easier to monitor, operators can detect faults faster to carry out repair and maintenance work. The modular construction also means that it is possible to isolate the parts that require attention, as opposed to refurbishing the entire basin. Furthermore, all components are recyclable and manufactured via processes with low environmental impact.


EPS construction systems provide another excellent modular option for many types of pools. These prefabricated modules are made from synthesised expanded polystyrene plastic (EPS) . This material is fully waterproof, durable, and inert. They’re also ecological and fully recyclable, making them ideal for environmentally-conscious operators.

This choice of material provides a number of extraordinary benefits for pools installed in difficult-to-access spaces, such as rooftops or high building floors. They allow for various shapes, which is ideal for wellness pools in spas, hotels, and resorts that want to create a unique aesthetic. Also, the material is highly resistant to humidity and chlorinated environments. It’s lightweight, thermally insulated, easy to install, and with excellent reliability and accuracy both in its design and assembly.

A range of options, all with their own benefits

A modular pool system has various advantages. Fundamentally, a modular pool is easier and more efficient to install. The prefabricated components allow for quick installation, without the need for extensive construction or masonry work. This is the case for both new and refurbished installations in open areas or confined spaces.

Each solution provides unique benefits; for large commercial pool operators, the durability of the steel or galvanised steel Skypool panels combines perfectly with easy maintenance. For wellness centres and hotel resorts, Bluespring also offers the opportunity to create attractive shapes and designs with all the reliability of a traditional basin. Meanwhile, the 100% recyclable EPS modular pool offers a solution for operators who prioritise lightness and irregular shapes.

All these solutions have crossover benefits in regard to design, convenience, and economy. A good pool designer will be able to assess which option suits your requirements best.

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