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When you offer pool facilities at your hotel, spa or gym, it comes with a maintenance commitment that involves time, money and effort to ensure your customers have the best, most hygienic and comfortable experience. However, all this could be avoided or reduced with the installation of a smart pool.

Smart pools utilise the latest technology available on the market to automate and control many of the processes and measurements that ensure optimal functioning of your pool. By installing a smart pool, you reduce time, costs and man-hours spent on maintenance. 

Below are our top 5 reasons to install smart pools to optimise the running of your business and maximise customer benefit.

Smart pools automate processes, reducing workload and costs

Recent years have seen the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), whereby millions of devices worldwide are connected to the Internet and maintain constant communication in real time. Now, we can also talk about an ‘Internet of Pools’, exploiting the advantages of industrial and commercial applications of the IoT principles for pools, and harnessing the benefits that come with it.

For example, smart pools benefit from smart controls that can be activated remotely, without any need for manual intervention on-site. This reduces the workload for your staff, allowing them to focus on other customer-facing activities. It also allows you to re-distribute the workload among employees, potentially saving costs on additional pool-management staff.

Innovative systems like Fluidra Connect offer intuitive apps that are easy for your staff to learn and use, as well as an advanced control system for professional use. The benefits of each mean you not only reduce your staff’s physical workload, but can also allow a smart system to connect with your Building Management System (BMS) for seamless integration and enhanced efficiencies.

Finally, automated management like Fluidra Connect eliminates the potential for human error, thus increasing the security of the pool facility and reducing maintenance requirements.

Take the guesswork out of measuring the chemical balance in smart pools

Thanks to being able to control the water disinfection through IoT systems like Fluidra Connect, which links to the disinfection system, smart pools not only deliver accurate chemical measurements and balancing data for your pool, they also offer remote adjustments and treatments.

As a result, smart pools controlled by Fluidra Connect and working with a disinfection system like Freepool2 present some significant chemical improvement benefits:

  • There are positive environmental impacts thanks to a 75% reduction in the concentration of oxidants in the atmosphere (also reducing the smell of chlorine);
  • Pool operators can make a 66% reduction in pool refills, thus saving water and energy;
  • Chloramines in water are reduced by 20%.

This all adds to pool owners’ peace of mind and comfort, as they don’t need to be on-site to ensure all chemicals are at the right level and they don’t need to refill the pools as many times. Finally, smart pools are basically accessible 24/7 in real time, consistently at the owners’ disposal should they need to check for their correct operation.

Optimise cleaning activities

By installing a smart pool, your cleaning and maintenance activities will never interfere with the customer experience and can be scheduled remotely. A high-performance robot cleaner can take your smart pool to the next level, leading to fewer major cleaning requirements because the pool is maintained regularly.

Completely remote management of smart pools

For many commercial pool operators, having to be on-site to attend to pool-related cleaning and maintenance is a key area of concern, especially if you operate more than one pool. This often means spending additional funds on extra employees or wasting time and resources travelling about to ensure everything is in working order.

Thanks to smart pools, all the key information on your pool’s indicators – as well as a large number of maintenance activities – can be accessed online, remotely. This gives you peace of mind, reduced costs and time expenditure, and also guarantees that end users always have the best experience when using your pool.

Enhanced customer experience

Operating a smart pool guarantees better, cleaner water for end users, without any interruptions to the regular operating schedule. Additionally, it delivers a more comfortable experience to end users as they don’t have to interrupt their swimming or avoid parts of the pool or gym that are under maintenance.

With smart pools, all activities requiring users to get out of the pool can be scheduled overnight. And, thanks to the continuous monitoring and balancing that smart pool systems carry out, customers are also guaranteed that the water is at its best, all day long.

Why investing in a smart pool is the best decision

Taking the hassle out of on-site monitoring, testing and treatment, as well as guaranteeing optimal levels are maintained for all chemicals in the water, makes smart pools an excellent investment choice for any pool operator. Overall, smart pools are less expensive in the long run than the alternative, they are more sustainable and perform better for longer, thus guaranteeing a more successful venue for pool operators.

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