Pool & Wellness


Our mission is to take care of people’s well-being and health through the sustainable use of water for leisure, sports and wellness; we operate in the field of Pool & Wellness.

One common denominator underlies all of our value-added products: they save water and energy. That is, they fulfil sustainability criteria, as well as being safe and easy to use, thus ensuring that our pools are both perfect and efficient to provide you and your family with an oasis of relaxation and good times in your home or favourite hotel. Our pools even deliver the ideal conditions for setting new world records!

The variety and versatility of our products adapted to the needs of all countries with different people and cultures, plus almost 50 years of experience, have put Fluidra on centre stage worldwide in the pool and wellness sector.


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Residential pools

Fluidra has been manufacturing pool components under its main brand AstralPool since 1969.

It supplies everything required to build a pool except for the concrete and water. From pumps, filtration units and entire hydraulic systems, through to lighting, protection and safety features (pool covers), coatings, water disinfection and treatment products and systems under the specialist brand CTX, in addition to ornamental cascades, heating units, automatic pool cleaners and connectivity (Internet of Pools).

It also delivers alternatives to concrete pool shells, such as wooden above-ground pools (GRE brand), designer above-ground pools by Laghetto, bio pools and luxury stainless steel pools (Inoxpool).

Fluidra has concentrated its efforts on coming up with new ideas so that it can deliver solutions to both people in the swimming pool business and the general public. We reach them through the distribution of our products in specialised stores and hypermarkets (through the specialist brand GRE) so that we are able to deliver on our ultimate aim of looking after people´s well-being and health.

Commercial pools

Under the name “Commercial pools”, Fluidra offers products, equipment and solutions for all types of publicly used pools:

  • from top-level Olympic competition pools (with the Skypool panel system) to sports centres;
  • from pools in hotels and resorts to fountains;
  • from wellness centres to water parks;
  • from community pools to municipal pools;
  • from artificial lagoons and lakes to aquariums.

Our modern lifestyles have led us to search for integral wellness. Fluidra is able to deliver solutions for any project in wellness facilities through its AstralPool Spaecial line that offers comprehensive solutions. This full range of products for temperature, water, relaxation and treatment areas responds to the demanding needs of large hotel groups, chains of health clubs and wellness facilities.

Ornamental fountains are the perfect finishing touch to a wellness facility or they can serve as the ideal scenario for amazing water, light and sound shows.

Fluidra delivers solutions for life support systems to ensure the optimum maintenance of aquariums, zoos and ornamental water features.

In order to respond to the growing international demand for end-to-end projects, Fluidra has its own engineering unit. Its team of experts has long-standing experience in coming up with ideas for designing and executing projects in water facilities the world over.