Irrigation & Water Treatment


Water treatment

We sell a wide range of modern, high quality products that draw on the latest technology to improve all of the water used in homes, public buildings and commercial premises.

We provide customised systems so that water is treated to the highest standards in each individual case by using technologies such as water softeners to improve the quality of water in areas with hard water; reverse osmosis for improving the treatment of drinking water; filtration for retaining impurities and any solids that may be suspended in tap water, etc.


We design and distribute complete residential and commercial irrigation systems that offer the best solutions for improved energy efficiency and water savings. Our main brand, Cepex, specialises in professional irrigation systems for residential areas and public green spaces (such as golf courses and parks), as well as DIY watering systems for private gardens.

We supply a full product range made up of sprinklers, sprays, regulators, solenoid valves, piping, filters, etc., as well as drip and micro-drip irrigation systems that are used in places where water consumption must be kept to a bare minimum and highly localised.

We also have integrated telemanagement systems controlled by radiofrequency for monitoring large municipal or private watering systems that can be run from any device with an Internet connection, as well as for detecting potential problems.