Pristine lakes and lagoons enrich the landscape and can be used for multiple activities within a single area. Showcasing flawless water quality and beauty, lakes and lagoons offer an excellent value for money for the operator and a very enjoyable experience for the visitor.

Fluidra has a long and distinguished history of developing original and imaginative projects featuring lakes and lagoons. There many examples of these projects by Fluidra in countries across the world, including Laguna Martianez (Canary Islands, Spain); Laguna César Manrique (Canary Islands, Spain); Parc de la Muntanyeta (Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain); and Lagoh (Seville, Spain).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Public Lakes & Lagoons

Our lakes and lagoons will make any public space more beautiful and more enjoyable , bringing many benefits to the property owner and to the visitors. By working with Fluidra, we can help to ensure that your lake or lagoon is.

Attractive to look at and will enhance the user experience
An easily integrable and adaptable solution
Energy efficient
Smart and automated
Easy to install
Easy to use and maintain

Public Lakes & Lagoons Portfolio


The feeling of relaxing by a saltwater sea or a freshwater lake, with an innovative solution that allows multiple concepts to be included in a single design. Bonus: lagoons can be used to host a wide range of sports and recreational activities that makes this unique concept perfect for all types of users

Artificial Lake

Large natural water bodies that provide a fresh, ornamental touch to outdoor recreational areas

Natural Lake

Synonymous with eco-friendly and green innovation. Its perfect ecosystem keeps the water permanently clean and creates an environment in harmony with its natural surroundings
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