Functional wellness solutions, designed for post-workout relaxation. Efficient and sustainable designs that are easily adaptable to any space and circuit.

Recent developments in wellness philosophies and thinking have promoted the incorporation of anti-stress therapies at gyms and sport clubs. Water areas such as spas, saunas and other services all help to achieve this goal.

Fluidra’s wellness solutions are designed so that gyms can offer a great benefit to their members while ensuring wellness spaces are profitable.

Some of our finest examples of wellness pools are found in many parts of the world, including Virgin Active Fitness Club EmQuartier (Bangkok, Thailand) and Pulse Fitness (Sofia, Bulgaria). Relax in the outdoor wellness pool at Nick Sports (Barcelona, Spain) or in the thalassotherapy-focused Silence Fitness & Spa (Calella, Spain). Finally, enjoy the superb relaxation features and lighting of the Hale Country Club & Spa (Hale, United Kingdom).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Sports Club Wellness

Fluidra’s wellness solutions have been created over decades of research and development, leading us to offer the wellness solutions your gym-going customers deserve. Our solutions, including saunas, steam baths, emotional showers and salt sauna rooms, feature.

Distinctive solutions
Sustainable and energy efficient
Easy to use and maintain
Easily integrable and adaptable
Increase average transaction
Hygienic, healthy, safe and comfortable for users
Quick installation

Sports Club Wellness Portfolio

Vitality Pool

A wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the physical benefits of water. Variations of temperature and pressure combine to promote relaxation and physical healing

Finnish Sauna

Traditional sweat room that purifies the body and skin and relaxes the mind like nowhere else

Steam Bath

Complete immersion in steam opens the pores and detoxifies the skin through perspiration

Salt Sauna

A hot, sauna-like cabin with a wall of Himalayan salt, a traditional and integral part of halotherapy. The heat energizes the natural negative ions of the salt to strengthen the respiratory and immune systems

Infrared sauna

A sauna-type solution which uses infrared lamps to generate heat, providing the user with a relaxing experience with beneficial health effects

Cold plunge

A small pool of cold water to immerse yourself in and experience a contrast therapy treatment


Relax loungers are the perfect addition to rest during your stay in a wellness circuit. With different ergonomic designs and materials to choose from, some models even include infrared or temperature treatment.


Showers designed to create an experience at once beautiful and health-giving. The numerous combinations of jets and lights provide a unique sensory experience
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