Unique leisure pool solutions that delight the end-user offering peace of mind and efficiency for the operator through automation and real-time information.

Hospitality pools lie at the heart of big hotel projects and Fluidra has the best solutions for creating exciting recreational features that generate value, both for guests and for hotel establishments.

Our experience includes working with some of the world’s leading hospitality companies, installing leisure pools in places such as the Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa (Villingili Island, Maldives), the Conrad Koh Samui (Koh Samui, Thailand), and the SixSenses Kaplankaya (Kaplankaya, Turkey). You can also find our work at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (Barcelona, Spain) and the Song Saa Island Resort (Mittakpheap, Cambodia).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Hospitality Pools

Choosing Fluidra for your hospitality pool means you will benefit from a large number of advantages stemming from a high level of expertise, a broad product range and a long-standing experience in the industry.

Distinctive solutions based on surprising, enjoyable and integrated designs
Healthy and safe for guests
Long-lasting and reliable solutions
Adds value to businesses by helping to retain guests
Sustainable and energy efficient with processes that respect the environment
Easy to use and maintain with automated solutions
Smart and automated

Hospitality Pools Portfolio

Infinity pool

Pools designed for guests to enjoy the surrounding views as they merge with the horizon

Rooftop pool

Pools located on terraces, providing privileged views from a height

Glass pool

Transparent pools with an unbeatable aesthetic

Leisure pool

Pools designed for users to enjoy through a range of activities. This is an important amenity for hotel guests, developing loyalty to the brand

Above ground pools

Pools ideal for suites and private terraces, providing guests both exclusivity and privacy

Stainless steel pool

Elegant and exclusive solution ideal for boutique hotels, which can be supplemented with relaxing water games and sun loungers


Biopool is a synonym of eco-friendly and green innovation. Its perfect ecosystem allows the water to stay clean and creates an environment in harmony with the natural surroundings with no chemicals needed.


Playground with different water games, where kids’ fun and safety is the priority

Children pool

Shallow pool where children can enjoy the water in a controlled space
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