Manufactured in-house, these ornamental solutions are designed to be a distinctive element in any hotel or resort. They enhance the environment through interactivity, technology and their ability to trigger an emotional response.

Fluidra’s fountains provide the perfect ornamental addition to open spaces both inside and outside hotels. Their color and sound make them a great decorative feature for hotels, and some fountains even make it possible to play and interact with the water. As well as the obvious visual attraction, in harmony with both indoor and outdoor settings, they offer an opportunity to relax.

Some of our finest fountains can be seen at Hotel SB Glories (Barcelona, Spain) and Airone Resort Boscolo Hotel (Venice, Italy). We also participated in the grand designs of Hotel Palace Terraza Diana (Barcelona, Spain), Radisson Resort Zavidovo (Zavidovo, Russia), and Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel (Barcelona, Spain), creating exquisite fountains with an unsurpassed technical sophistication.

Benefits of Fluidra’s Hospitality Fountains

Thanks to our extensive research and development in the field of design and technology of fountains, we offer a product range that defines and enhances the public space attracting customers.

Customizable solutions
Exclusive and distinctive designs
Energy efficient
Durable and reliable solution
Added value for businesses: accelerate ROI
Intelligent and automated
Low maintenance

Hospitality Fountains Portfolio

Vessel Fountain

The colors, flow and soothing sounds of the water provide a visual and aural treat for the senses in harmony with outdoor or indoor common spaces

Dry Deck Fountain

Fun, interactive and multifunctional fountain that produces a series of jets from under the floor. The jets are fully customizable and height, speed, and intensity can be adjusted to create an exciting and dynamic experience

Water Mirror

An elegant sheet of water that adds a refreshing sense of splendor to public spaces. People congregate and wonder at the harmony of design it brings to gardens and interior spaces alike

Digital Curtain

Completely customizable and with total interactivity, users can play with the Digital Curtain at the touch of a tablet button and create shapes of water and light.

Water Show

A grand display of lights and color against a background of jets of water. These fountains thrill onlookers with their extraordinary spectacle of water, light, sound, color, and even fire.


Simply, this is a waterfall that produces a continuous, gentle and relaxing flow of water. The soothing sound of the cascade and the visual impact provide a wonderful focal point.

Mesh Waterfall

Creates a continuous effect of falling water with a stainless steel mesh, generating an attractive and hypnotic effect that recreates small waves without splashing. The ornamental effect can be maximized by adding a lighting system or digital projection.
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