Technologically innovative and sustainable solutions that reduce construction and maintenance costs while ensuring both an optimal experience for athletes and enhanced operational performance. We offer complete 360º solutions with 90% of products manufactured in-house for a reliable and long-lasting installation.

Fluidra is a key player in the large swimming sports events sector. We have participated in the design, planning and execution of multiple facilities for international swimming championships, including the 18th Asian Games (Jakarta, Indonesia), the 29th Summer Universiade (Taipei, Taiwan), the 2017 Juegos Bolivarianos (Santa Marta, Colombia) and the 19th Sukma Games (Ipoh, Malaysia). We also provided pools for the 2019 Panamerican Games (Lima, Peru) and for the 2018 Mediterranean Games (Tarragona, Spain).

We have a long track-record of certified Olympic swimming pools that comply with the World Aquatics regulations on facilities.

Benefits of Fluidra’s Competition Pool Events

Fluidra has extensive experience in aquatic solutions focused on competition events: swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming.

Easily integrable and adaptable to any size, shape, project and seismic condition
World Aquatics compliant
Lightweight and easy-to-install structure that can be easily transported and removed
Adds value to businesses & accelerates ROI
Long-lasting and reliable solution
Easy to use and maintain with automated solutions that reduce manual processes
Sustainable and energy efficient with processes that respect the environment
Exclusive, one-of-a-kind solutions
Healthy, safe and comfortable for users
Smart and automated
Silent operation

Competition Pools Events Portfolio

Olympic Pool

50 meter long pool for Olympic swimming competition events.

Semi Olympic Pool

25 meter long pool for short course swimming competition events.

Water Polo Pool

Pools with a field of play of 30.6 m x 20 m for men and 25.6 m x 20 m for women for water polo events.

Diving Pool

Pool at least 25 m x 20 m and 5m deep at the shallowest end.

Warm Up

Olympic or semi-Olympic pool, primarily used for lap swimming.

Artistic swimming pool

Pools designed for artistic or synchronized swimming competitions that takes place in new or adapted pools.

High diving pools

High diving pools are designed to host competition events where athletes jump from 20 metres (women) or 27 metres (men) according to World Aquatics.