Ornamental solutions designed to be a distinctive element in shopping malls that attract the public. They efficiently enhance the environment through their interactivity, technology and ability to tell stories.

Fluidra fountains are an ornamental centerpiece that bring life to a mall, attracting customers not only to the fountain, but to the business around.

Their combination of water, color and sound make them an attractive and exciting feature of the mall, providing intriguing, relaxing spaces to wind down after a hard day’s shopping.

We have installed fountains in some of the finest malls in the world where they provide a gentle and luxurious backdrop to high-end shopping experiences. Some of our finest examples can be seen in Kashirskaya (Russia, Moscow), The Style Outlets (Viladecans, Spain), and Vadistanbul (Istanbul, Turkey). One of our highlights, offering simplicity and grace at the highest quality, is found at The Harbor Mérida (Mérida, Mexico). Finally, Puerto Venecia (Zaragoza, Spain) is a hugely popular fountain for the leagues of shoppers who come from afar.

Benefits of Fluidra’s Mall Center Fountains

Mall or shopping center settings have particular needs: generate business increasing foot traffic. Our fountains for shopping malls work particularly well with this environment due to their unique design which is focused on these particular needs.

Boost surrounding businesses
Generate emotions and attract attention
Energy efficient
Durable and reliable solution
Intelligent and automated
Low maintenance

Mall Center Fountains Portfolio

Water Mirror

An elegant sheet of water that adds a refreshing sense of splendor to common spaces. People congregate and wonder at the harmony of design it brings to gardens and interior rooms alike

Water fall

Simply, it is a waterfall that produces a continuous, gentle and relaxing flow of water. The sound of the cascade has soothing effects and provides a wonderful focal point

Water Show

A grand display of lights and against a backdrop of jets of water from the fountain. These fountains excite onlookers with their extraordinary spectacle of water, light, sound, color, and even fire.

Dry Deck Fountain

An interactive and multifunctional water feature that is installed just below ground level. It produces a series of jets that can be customized to any purpose generating fast and dynamic water displays.

Vessel Fountain

It is a classic option that always delights. The movement, color and soothing sound of the water light up the mall environment with an ornamental touch that works inside or outside the building

Digital Curtain

Digital Curtains represent shapes and messages through a combination of water and light

Mesh Waterfall

Creates a continuous effect of falling water with a stainless steel mesh, generating an attractive and hypnotic effect that recreates small waves without splashing. The ornamental effect can be maximized by adding a lighting system or digital projection.
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