Fun, exciting and safe aquatic solutions that deliver a unique family experience: highly appreciated enjoyment (not only for our kids).

Water parks are recreational water facilities, favorite places for families, particularly the youngest of the family, who play a decisive role when choosing a vacation destination or making holiday plans.

Fluidra offers the ultimate solutions to create attractive water park pools that generate value for both users and owners. Our experience includes a number of projects around the world, among which we are proud to mention: Isla Mágica – Agua Mágica (Seville, Spain), Warner Beach (Madrid, Spain), and the Aquarama Water Park (Benicàssim, Spain). In Brazil, we built the Tauá Indoor Aquapark (Atibaia, Brasil). And we’ve also put together the Wonder-la Park (Bengaluru, India).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Water Park Pools

Our water park pools offer not just a great way to enjoy and have fun for the end user, but a unique selling point for park operators, too. Through our experience and expertise, we’re able to offer solutions that tick all the boxes in terms of benefits.

Distinctive solutions based on surprising, emotional and integrated designs
Fun, healthy and safe for children
Easy to use and maintain with automated solutions
Long-lasting and reliable solutions
Sustainable and energy efficient with processes that respect the environment
Smart and automated

Water Park Pools Portfolio


Playground with different water games, where kids’ fun and safety is the priority

Slides Pool

The best place to end up after a thrilling ride down a water slide

Wave pool

A wave pool features artificially produced waves whose size, speed and flow can be programmed to give the sensation of being in the ocean and even surfing.

Lazy and torrent rivers

Lazy and torrent rivers consists of a shallow pool that flows like a river. They feature a slow or fast current, usually just enough to allow guests to gently ride along lying on rafts.
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