Innovative, technologically advanced and entertaining solutions that enhance property value while adding a very positive user experience.

Value-adding elements of a property are essential in the real estate sector. Fluidra has a large track-record in building this type of pools, i.e. the Damac Ghalia Luxury Apartments (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and the Luxury Resort Los Veneros (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico).

In London (United Kingdom), we built the pool for Vauxhall Tower (London, United Kingdom), while in Manchester (also in the UK) we are the creators of the pool at the Skyline Central (Manchester, United Kingdom). We’ve also delivered other pool projects around the world, such as in Fendi Chateau Residences (Punta del Este, Uruguay).

Benefits of Fluidra’s Condominium Pools

Our pool solutions designed for condominiums enhance the value of properties, while providing the end user with a high-quality enjoyable experience. Here are the top benefits of using one of our solutions.

Increase the property value
Distinctive solutions based on surprising, emotional and integrated designs
Healthy and safe for users
Long-lasting and reliable solutions
Sustainable and energy efficient with processes that respect the environment
Easy to use and maintain with automated solutions
Smart and automated

Condominium Pools Portfolio

Infinity pools

Designed to enjoy the surrounding views as they merge with the horizon

Rooftop pool

Located on terraces, providing privileged views from a height

Glass pool

Transparent pools with an unbeatable aesthetic

Leisure pool

Designed for user enjoyment and relaxation

Above ground pool

A pool with style and contemporary charm, perfect for relaxing and taking in the beauty of the open space.

Stainless steel pool

Elegant and exclusive solution ideal for residential buildings, which can be supplemented with relaxing water games and sun loungers.
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